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2017-09-13 01:59:37 by BillPlayz

I posted a song last night. I know, it sucks. But it's only my first one. And it's 10000 times worse than ANY first song. Including mine. So it's worse than itself somehow. But I want to know what you think, maybe it's only 1000 times worse than any first song. I'll just get drowned in the millions of seas of people. Forever.




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2017-09-13 13:06:33



2017-09-26 19:47:30

Oof! You shouldn't be so harsh on yourself! I totally get the feeling of making something and thinking it is so awful that it must be the lowest and somehow even worse than itself as well. Kind of like infinity plus one. But for how bad you feel. You should stop feeling bad. It can be tough, but just know that you aren't the worst ever, if you're out there being mean and hurting people that is much worse than creating content and feeling like it is really bad... and i don't get the feeling that you are a very mean spirited person at your core.

You should try some breathing exercises, or try running, or try something else physical that will clear your mind and make you a little healthier, doing things like this will help you approach creating with a positive perspective.

BillPlayz responds:

You've got to admit though, it doesn't deserve that many stars. It deserves -3 stars, lol


2017-09-27 17:32:23

lol if any song deserved -3 stars it would be an option. if there's really something horrible with your song someone will delete it. you're just not comfortable with the creation process yet, if you want to create keep going, keep experimenting, just make sure you have fun.